Established in 2006, the structures of the club Montbéliard Parachutisme allow the practice of the skydiving supervised by qualified instructors. Montbéliard Parachutisme will make you discover the free-fall by the tandem jump (jump accessible to the people with reduced mobility), the jumps AFF (Accelerated Freefall), Automatic Opening jumps.
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Montbéliard Parachutisme allows you to discover the world of the free-fall by making a jump tandem or a jump AFF (Accelerated Freefall).
- Tandem jump: Allows to discover the sensations of the free-fall safely hung on the harness of a tandem pilot. Jump made in 4000 meters in height (with regard to the ground) for approximately 50 seconds of free-fall and 10 minutes of flight under parachute.
- AFF jump: Your first jump directly in 4000 meters in height for approximately 50 seconds of free-fall. You are accompanied with two confirmed instructors.
- automatic Opening jump: jump made in 1500 meters in height. Your parachute opens automatically at the exit of plane, there is no free-fall!

Montbéliard Parachutisme Organize unique events:
- The hot-air balloons skydiving meeting allows the parachutists to jump since the hot-air balloons.
-Jumps on glacier in the Swiss Alps (height of landing 3200 meters!)
- The members of Montbéliard Parachutisme practise the new disciplines of the skydiving as the wingsuit as well as the disciplines as the free fly or the relative flight.
- The members Montbéliard Parachutisme practise the skydiving at the highest level and we have even a world record member with most major figure never realized in free-fall (figure with 400 parachutists).

The club Montbéliard Parachutisme have many relations with of numerous north American, European and French club of skydiving.
The members of Montbéliard Parachutisme do not hesitate to jump within the other club of skydiving to acquire the skills which they need to evolve. These new skills are then bet in the service of the club Montbéliard Parachutisme to share quite with all members.
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