The first jumps of this progress are made as high as 1200 meters at automatic opening. You are connected with the plane by a belt which opens your parachute approximately three seconds after the exit of plane. The descent under parachute is approximately 10 minutes.
When the movements of exit of plane and preservation possition in flat are acquired, you will make your first free-fall in 1500 meters. Before your jump you will do a training course of one day. For more information contact us

AFF (Accelerated Freefall) allows you to make your first skydive 4000 meters in height . After 50 seconds of free fall you will make a descent under parachute during about 10 minutes.
For your first jump you will be accompanied in free fall by two instructors which will take care with correcting your position on the air. The jump is filmed by an instructor. Before your jump you will do a training course of one day.
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Hung on through a harness on the instructor tandem you make a skydive 4000 meters in height. It is the instructor which takes care of the position in fall and the opening of the parachute.After the opening of the parachute if you wish it the instructor tandem gives you the commands of the parachute to pilot under its instructions. The landing is gently made by the instructor tandem. The training on the ground lasts only 30 minutes.
If you wish it a videoman parachutist can accompany you during your jump to film and then make a video editing on DVD.
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Montbéliard Parachutisme suggest to the pupils progressing in the parachuting in passing various certificate of the discipline.
So afterward the pupil will have access to every type of jump like the free fly, the relative flight the flight in wingsuit. And why not until become he the same instructor of parachuting!

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